Custom Pet ID tags, Personalised Dog & Cat Collars
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    Custom Pet ID tags, Personalised Dog & Cat Collars

    We all know that feeling, when our beloved cat or dog has gone missing and they’re no where to be found. The importance of pet collars and id tags with custom laser engraving is super important for the safety of your pet and your sanity. We’ve personally spent hours driving the streets, walking our neighbourhood calling out for our pets. We’re talking three particular little men, one who’s a naughty maltese shi tzu and two ragdoll cats. Why do they feel it’s necessary to plan Houdini escapes everytime they notice an opportunity, let’s just say, this has been a frequent occurrence in our house. Fortunately, this has never ended with a lost pet for too long given they wear double protection with personalised pet collars as well as pet tags. There are so many cool collars for dogs and heaps of personalised collars for cats that are available in Australia nowadays, there's no excuse not to have one!

    Safety Breakaway Cat Collars

    Unlike dogs, cats are known to have much more freedom and actually travel further than we might know. Most cats have a strong desire to explore outside their own backyards and are known to roam. Generally male cats roam further and it's been noted that they travel anywhere up to 850 metres from home whereas female cats tend to be less curious, don't search for mates and travel only about 250 metres from their homes. Still, alot can happen when they're so far away and out of your sight. A well fitted personalised cat collar with your phone number is one of the most important items for any cat. Also remember that if your cat is into crawling under or over fences, exploring bushes or sneaking through tight spaces (as most of them are) a breakaway collar with a safety release that opens when pulled or stuck will keep your cat safe in tight situations.

    Little One Solid Breakaway Personalised Cat Collar


    Given the number of pet owners in Australia, lost pets are a sad but common story that often don't always end in a good outcome. In Australia alone a staggering 200,000 stray or surrendered dogs end up in shelters or rescue facilities. It’s important to know that if your cat or dog has identification on them or is microchipped this should be a key way for a kind neighbour, vet or rescue facility to contact you and reunite you with your pet.

    One thing to consider though is the fastest and easiest way for someone to contact you if they ever find your pet. How you ask? The simplest way is to just make sure your pet is wearing a personalised dog collar or cat collar as well as a custom engraved pet tag with your personal details. This means that whoever happens to find your pet will be able to quickly contact you without having to take your pet to a vet for a microchip scan which can cause significant distress for any animal. 

    Diesel Leather personalised dog collar and leash set

    Microchipping Cats & Dogs in Australia – The Low Down 

    A microchip is a small rice size chip that's inserted under the skin in the back of your cat or dogs neck. This information on the microchip is listed on a database that contains the details of the pets owner, and can be scanned by vets and other facilities in order to reunite lost pets with their owners. It’s imperative to ensure you keep your contact details up to date as well. This can all be done online now and if you want to keep your furry friend safe make sure this is something that doesn’t slip your mind. If your details are outdated on the database, your cat or dog won’t easily find their way back to you should the unthinkable happen. 

    Check out the current state regulations in Australia for microchipping cats and dogs.

    Let’s just say, this is a must do as a responsible pet owner. Taking care to protect your cats and dogs is mandatory in our eyes. They're like an additional family member and let's face it, some animals (depending on their personality) do like to roam and go on adventures. A personalised pet collar or pet tag is their ticket home!

    Top 10 Australia Animal Shelter Statistics to Know in 2022 

    1. Approximately 200,000 stray or surrendered dogs are admitted to shelters and municipal rescue facilities each year in Australia. 

    2. Of the 200,000 dogs admitted to shelters, approximately 20% of them are euthanased. 

    3. 10,207 dogs were reclaimed by their owners. 

    4. 11,442 of the dogs rescued by the RSPCA were re-homed successfully.

    Pet ID Tags – What’s the best option 

    We know one of the key reasons that people don’t continue to have their cats or dogs wearing pet tags is because they’re generally made of metal and can be annoying if they jingle or are loud. It just takes that one time for your pet to get lost and we can guarantee it’ll be the time they won’t be wearing any identification.

    Classy Plain Jane Engraved Pet Tag

    Silicone Pet Tags

    One specific solution for this is opting for custom made soft silicone pet tags. They’re quiet and attach perfectly to a dog or cat collar and won’t wake you or your pet up at night with annoying jingly noises. At Paw Lane our revolutionary Sleek Silicone Pet Tags are the perfect solution, they’re customised with your contact details and most importantly are fade resistant, durable and quiet for you and your pet. We actually engrave the silicone (yes, that’s right engraving isn’t just for metal) which is super cool and looks awesome too. 

    There's heaps of options for personalised pet tags that have both your phone number as well as your address engraved. Pet tags with your address included as well are a great option just in case someone does find your pet but they can't reach you on the phone. Paw Lane has different options available in stainless steel, silicone, rhinestone glitter bling and even acrylic. Did we mention they're laser engraved to perfection...just saying.

    Dog Harnesses

    Another option to consider is a personalised dog harness. There's alot of totally on trend dog harnesses that now can be personalised with your contact details. If your pet isn't that into wearing a collar (hey, we get it don't worry) for comfort, medical or other reasons, a personalised dog harness is the perfect solution. With a range of personalisation options including custom engraving, printing and embroidery with both their name and your phone number too, they not only look great but are practical as well. From the best no pull dog harnesses to step in harnesses, there's something for your dog, no matter what their preference is.

    Sleek Pup Personalised Dog Harness

    Loving Your Pet Means...

    So if you love your pet (and we know you do otherwise you wouldn’t be here) make sure you keep them safe with personalised collars, a custom pet tag and of course microchipping. Paw Lane has a cool range of engraved, printed and embroidery pet collars, harnesses and other products to keep your best friend safe. Treat your cat or dog to a new personalised collar today.

    Oh and don’t forget to treat them to lots of love, cuddles, healthy food and a nice warm bed too.

    Visit us at Paw Lane and check out our range of personalised pet collars, pet tags, harnesses, dog leads and heaps more awesome products.

    Keep being pawsome.

    The Paw Lane Team. 

     Family with cat and dog