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    Size Info

    We all know our beloved furry friends come in different shapes and sizes therefore ensuring a proper fit for products is really important.

    Size charts are located in the product page photos and are usually the very last photo.

    Make sure you check out the corresponding size chart for the product you want to purchase, please note that our products are not all one size across the range (and definitely not one size fits all furry friends) Different products have different sizing measurements. Measure your pet and then double check your measurements for the products you want to purchase.

    To ensure a proper fit here’s a general guideline for optimum comfort:

    Collars & Harnesses: 

    You want to make sure you can fit a couple of fingers (2 digits depending on size!) in between the measuring tape and your pets neck, this will ensure a snug fit without being too tight or of course, too loose.

    When measuring make sure your pet will have room to move without being restricted in any way at all. If your pet is between sizes it’s a good idea to go up a size so there is enough room for both movement and depending on breed, a thicker fur coat in cooler months.